Two Key Employers Takeaways from Professional Sport’s Continued Adoption of Crypto and Blockchain Technology

May 20, 2022

By Phillip C. Bauknight, Joshua D. Nadreau, Adam F. Sloustcher, and Tam D. Vu, of Fisher & Phillips. As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue their way into the mainstream, one key industry that stands out for its adoption of blockchain technology is professional sports.  Professional leagues and teams have been among the first employers to realize the potential use cases for Blockchain technology and its ability to create an unmatched fan experience.  Within the last month alone, two of the largest sports leagues in the world, the UFC and the NBA, have launched various cryptocurrency initiatives designed to enhance the fan experience. And the path they have begun to walk could provide helpful guideposts for employers in all industries as they consider how to properly integrate crypto and blockchain in their businesses. (full story can be view at SportsLawExpert.

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