Wrestling Coach Files Gender Discrimination Complaint

Mar 27, 2004

University Minnesota wrestling coach J Robinson, an outspoken critic of Title IX and the impact it is having on Men’s minor sports, has filed a gender discrimination complaint against his employer.
Robinson, who is in his 18th year at the school, filed his complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, the gist of which was that there is a class system inside the athletics department, in which decisions are made based solely on gender.
AD Joel Maturi told the Pioneer-Press that “J feels there are some inequities about certain things.”
Robinson has been in conflict with the university before. In 2001, complaints were made that forced participants of his wrestling camp to write anti-Title IX letters to elected officials.
A year later, former AD Tom Moe reprimanded him for using university resources to send out a newsletter and other materials to protest Title IX.
“What’s being made available to different sports and different coaches is different,” Robinson told the student newspaper, the Minnesota Daily. “What you want is one standard for everybody, and there’s not.”


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