St. Bonaventure University and AD Settle

May 5, 2006

Former St. Bonaventure University Athletic Director Gothard Lane has settled his lawsuit against his former employer in which he claimed the school damaged his reputation after a 2003 basketball scandal.
In a statement, Lane’s attorney Buffalo-based Charles Swanekamp said his client was “very pleased with the outcome on this case and is looking forward to continuing his work in college athletics.” Lane is currently director of championships for the Eastern College Athletic Conference.
He sued after he was implicated in a scandal over the eligibility of basketball player Jamil Terrell.
Lane said the school’s investigation in the incident was “a rush to conviction. It wasn’t like we allege this and we’re going to turn it over to the NCAA and let them decide. They came out and said that I was guilty of two NCAA violations.”
Lane bided his time until the NCAA completed its own investigation and found him innocent of any wrongdoing.
Then in April 2004, he sued the school in federal court for libel. Lane, who was seeking $3 million in damages, claimed university officials maliciously damaged his reputation. According to the complaint, Lane contended that he “suffered mental anguish and has been held up to public score, ridicule and contempt, and suffered a loss of prestige, respect and standing among his peers.”
St. Bonaventure spokesman David P. Ferguson, at the time, issued the following statement about the litigation: “We stand by the findings of the report of the basketball review committee that was appointed by the Board of Trustees to investigate this matter. We believe that the university has acted appropriately and responsibly with respect to Jan van Breda Kolff and Gothard Lane. We regret that litigation has been commenced but intend to defend these claims vigorously. We have no further comment.”


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