Seahawks’ Jamal Adams Fined Over Actions Directed at Independent Concussion Doctor

Nov 17, 2023

The National Football League has fined Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams $50,000 after he had words with an independent concussion doctor on the sidelines during an NFL game.

The incident took place last month during a game between the Seahawks and the New York Giants. Early in the game, Adams suffered a concussion after his head collided with the knee of Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Adams was wobbly after the incident, drawing the attention of Seahawks medical staff and then the independent concussion doctor.

ESPN described the scene as follows:

“A few minutes later, during a wild scene on the Seahawks’ sideline, Adams emerged from the medical tent and became livid, yelling at the doctor while being held back by the team’s head athletic trainer and two members of the Seahawks’ security staff. He still appeared heated while being led off the field and briefly stopped to exchange words with an apparent heckler, then high-fived a Seahawks fan wearing a No. 33 Adams jersey before disappearing into the tunnel.”

Two days later, Adams posted the following apology on social media:

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to the OG. You did everything right when you realized I was concussed, I apologize for any negative energy I brought your way. 

“Watching the replay, I am thankful for your patience knowing I wasn’t myself in that moment. You’re a real one and you serve a great purpose that benefits the NFL and so many players. Prioritizing player’s health is essential. Much respect to you!”

That apparently was enough to assuage the NFL from suspending Adams, 27, for a game suspension, but not a fine. A week later, the Associated Press quoted an anonymous source, who said the league had fined Adams $50,000.

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