Parents Sue Over Use of Concussion-Inducing Drill

Feb 1, 2019

The parents of three Castle High School football players in Hawaii have sued the principal, athletic director and head football coach at their school, claiming they were negligent in their use of a football drill that has a history of producing concussions.
The primary injury suffered by one the players was a shoulder injury. Coach John Hao paid for the treatment of the injury and allegedly sought clearance for the player to return to play, which the plaintiffs charged could be evidence of a coverup.
In the drill in question, players line up and run full speed at each other, helmet to helmet. The drill can be viewed here:
The plaintiffs also alleged in a Circuit Court lawsuit that when their sons complained about the drill they experienced retaliation in the way of limited playing time.
But it was the nature of the dill that had everyone in Hawaii talking. Kevin Yolken, a lawyer for the Giron family, told the media that the players “were placed in a situation (where they were at risk of) concussions.”
Former NFL player Rich Miano told Hawaii News Now: “You don’t want to go face to face, get the helmet involved. And most drills that you see that are high-impact are within three yards. This is a drill that should have been obsolete years ago.”


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