Former BYU Player Drops Concussion Lawsuit against School and Others, Citing Agreement on Treatment

Sep 27, 2019

Larry Carr, a former BYU football player, has withdrawn his concussion lawsuit against the school, the Western Athletic Conference, and the NCAA. Carr had claimed the defendants “kept their players in the dark about an epidemic that was slowly killing their athletes.”
Carr told the Salt Lake Tribune that he dropped the suit because he’s “encouraged about the brain treatment he’s receiving and the athletic department’s potential interest in joining a study designed to help athletes.”
The treatment the former plaintiff alluded to involved the use of infrared light, which he claimed “not only stopped the progression, but reversed it.” The treatment he has received was provided by a University of Utah neuropsychology group. Carr believes he also has the commitment of BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe for effective treatment.
“We are pleased to hear that Larry is interested in dropping the lawsuit against BYU, but cannot comment further on pending litigation against the university,” according to a BYU statement. “Like Larry, the university is committed to the safety and well-being of its student-athletes and remains interested in technology and processes that offer such protection.”


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