Dennie Law Firm’s Sarah Pack Brings a ‘Business Framework’ to Bear in Her Sports Law Practice

May 17, 2024

Attorney Sarah Pack always knew that one day she would pursue her passion for sports and become a sports lawyer.

She just didn’t know when.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School in 2012, she honed her craft as a lawyer in the non-sports arena, serving nonprofit clients for nearly a decade at a boutique firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Pack provided general counsel advice and guidance, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations across the board so these organizations could focus on fulfilling their charitable purposes.

But a career in sports was not far from her mind. So, when an opportunity presented itself five years ago to pursue a masters in sports management from the University of North Texas, Pack capitalized on it. In 2020, she earned the coveted degree.

That passion and unique qualification was not lost on Christian Dennie, founder of the Dennie Law Firm and highly regarded sports lawyer, who added Pack to his team in 2023. “Sarah applies this business framework achieved through her MBA to her legal analysis to provide strategic guidance that takes into account each client’s diverse business interests,” said Dennie.

To learn more, we reached out to Pack for this short interview.

Question: Tell us about your path toward becoming a lawyer?

Answer: I knew I wanted to go to law school coming out of college, but I wanted to get some work experience first. I spent the next two years as a legal assistant, first in New York and then in Austin. I almost went to UT in Austin since I was already living there, but I fell in love with Michigan Law School when I saw the Reading Room. At Michigan, I learned from brilliant professors and took advantage of unique internship and externship opportunities that collectively gave me a broad foundation to build on when I entered private practice.

Q: What attracted you to sports law?

A: I am a passionate sports fan and wanted to bring that passion into my work, so a few years ago I got my MBA in Sports Management from University of North Texas. Practicing sports law combines my passion, legal skills, and insight into the business side of the sports industry.

Q: What’s the best part about working for the Dennie Firm?

A: The best part about working for Dennie Sports Law is having the chance to learn from Christian Dennie on a daily basis. He is a phenomenal lawyer and has such a broad array of experience that we are able to take on a wide variety of clients and matters.

Q: What are your strengths as a lawyer?

A: Researching and writing are my biggest strengths as a lawyer. I enjoy putting together the puzzle of a legal argument by searching for the right pieces of case law.

Q: How would you describe your practice?

A: I do a lot of briefing and motion practice for our litigation cases. I also handle employment matters and nonprofit projects.

Q: What trends in sports law are you following most closely in 2024?

A: AI is obviously a game changer across industries. I am interested in seeing how its intersection with sports business will play out and whether it will impact future collective bargaining agreements like it did with the writers’ and actors’ guilds in Hollywood.

I’m also really excited about the growth of women’s sports. I’m interested to see how future sponsorship rights and TV/streaming rights will be structured as women’s leagues build momentum with mainstream audiences.

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