Auburn Tries to Move on With Hire of New Coach, But Controversy Simmers Over Title IX Lawsuit

Sep 29, 2017

Auburn University Athletic Director Jay Jacobs announced in late September that the school had hired a new women’s softball coach. He tried to move on. But the controversy that engulfed the program over a Title IX lawsuit lodged by a former player persisted.
The player alleged that there had been abusive treatment from the coaching staff, sexual harassment and an attempt at a cover-up by the school. The treatment was spelled out in an ESPN article in which she claimed in a 14-page letter to school officials and Governor Kay Ivey that head coach Clint Myers “knowingly let his son Corey Myers have relations and pursue relations with multiple members of the team.”
Jacobs responded with a statement in early September.
“As you may be aware, there has been a lot of important information in the news about our softball program recently,” he said. “I take it seriously and I want you to know what took place. It is concerning that recent reporting about our softball program has incorrectly suggested that Auburn University and Auburn Athletics either didn’t know about or didn’t act on matters of concern in an expeditious manner. I can tell you with certainty that we did and that we will always do what is right for our student-athletes.”
Jacobs noted that the school had investigated the matter, which led to the departure of both coaches.
“Because of the importance of Title IX compliance and the structure and process Auburn has established, we in Athletics defer to those conducting any investigation following a complaint,” Jacobs wrote. “We cannot, and will not, take action which could be disruptive to or attempt to influence that investigative and decision-making process.”


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