Alleged Rape Victims Bring Suit Against UW, Former Players

Apr 24, 2004

Seattle attorney Rebecca Roe is representing two female clients, who claim they were raped and that the university was responsible because it fostered a “fertile environment” that promoted sexual misconduct by football players.
One of the women, a former equipment manager, claims she was assaulted by former player Roc Alexander in 2001 after she met him at a party. She further claims that she told associate athletic director Marie Tuite and another official, who “encouraged” her to talk to a university mediator. According to the claim, “the mediation process was negligently planned and executed and involved no support for (the woman) and insignificant consequences for Alexander.”
The second alleged victim met Alexander a party, which was followed by an assault at a dorm room.
The former equipment manager is asking for $1 million in damages, while the other alleged victim is seeking $2 million.
Attorney Roe currently represents two other women, who are suing both players and the university, after they were allegedly raped. One of those defendants is current Seattle Seahawks tight end Jeramy Stevens. Roe has claimed that the fact that Stevens was lightly punished by the university “gave the green light” for the incidents that occurred in the most recent cases.


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