USA Swimming Condemns Former Gold Medal Winner for Role During the U.S. Capitol Insurrection

Jan 29, 2021

USA Swimming has issued the following statement about gold medal winner Klete Keller, whose involvement in the insurrection has been widely reported: “Since first learning of Mr. Keller’s possible involvement in the events of January 6, and awaiting official confirmation or charges by law enforcement, we made it very clear in responses to the media that, while we respect private individuals’ and groups’ rights to peacefully protest, we strongly condemned the unlawful actions taken by those at the Capitol last week. It is very simple and very clear. Mr. Keller’s actions in no way represent the values or mission of USA Swimming. And while once a swimmer at the highest levels of our sport – representing the country and democracy he so willfully attacked – Mr. Keller has not been a member of this organization since 2008. We stand with Team USA and echo their plea to celebrate our diversity of background and beliefs, stand together against hatred and divisiveness, and use our influence to create positive change in our communities.”