Sports Law Expert Podcast Highlights Sports Lawyer John Tyrrell of Ricci Tyrrell Johnson & Grey

Jan 13, 2023

Hackney Publications has published its latest recording on the Sports Law Expert Podcast. The show features sports lawyer John E. Tyrrell, a founding member of Ricci Tyrrell Johnson & Grey and the firm’s Managing Member. The segment can be heard here:–of-RTJG-Law-e1segrv

Tyrrell’s practice is focused on three major areas. First, he has decades of experience in the representation of operators and managers of stadiums, arenas, entertainment and recreational facilities, including professional and collegiate sports teams; golf courses; ice rinks; gymnastics facilities; rowing associations; paintball facilities; and concert and entertainment venues. Tyrrell is trial counsel to such entities, and also provides risk management and liability prevention consultation to these clients. He has developed a particular expertise in prosecuting and defending contractual indemnity and insurance claims, both at trial and through declaratory judgment proceedings. Tyrrell has lectured at training sessions for the event staff of his clients. He has also authored information guides, ticket and pass disclaimers, prospective releases, patron signage and other communication devices used at facilities.