NBA Player Successful with Motion to Compel Arbitration

Jun 19, 2009

An NBA basketball player, who was sued by his former driver for sexual harassment and other claims, has successfully moved a federal court to have the case sent to arbitration.
Specifically, New York Knicks basketball player Eddy Curry was successful in getting District Judge Denise Cote to recognize the arbitration clause in the contract between Curry and plaintiff David Kuchinsky. Curry, however, was unsuccessful in getting the court to dismiss certain allegations.
Kuchinsky also had accused Curry of failing to pay $91,000 in wages and expenses.
Mercedes Colwin, one of Curry’s lawyers, told the New York Times that “it is clear that the employment contract and the provisions therein concerning arbitration clauses were upheld as valid. And thus the plaintiff cannot seek to have his claims heard in a court of law before a jury.”
Leslie Levine, one of Kuchinky’s attorneys, told the Times that while we “prefer to be in front of a New York jury … we’re really glad we have a case to move forward on.”


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