Music Producer Sues Los Angeles Dodgers over Commission for Concerts

Feb 3, 2017

Music industry veteran Tommy Davis has sued the Los Angeles Dodgers, claiming that he was never paid the commissions he was due after he brought big name music acts to Dodger Stadium in 2014 and 2015.
Represented by the Zohar Law Firm, Davis claims that over a two-year period he worked closely with Dodgers executive Lon Rosen, as well as Kraig Fox, then of Guggenheim Partners, the Dodgers’ owner, to bring Paul McCartney and AC/DC to the venue. In return, he claims, he was promised a fee.
At the request of Rosen and Fox, Davis then facilitated meetings between the Dodgers and Paul Tollett, the President and CEO of the major concert promoter Goldenvoice, owned by AEG, according to the complaint. With Davis’ involvement, those meetings allegedly led to the McCartney and AC/DC shows being produced, and millions in profits for the Dodgers.
“Success in the entertainment business is all about getting access to the right people,” said Daniel Y. Zohar. “Mr. Davis delivered to them the access they needed and requested. That led to Paul McCartney and AC/DC playing sold out shows at Dodger Stadium. Now the Dodgers must compensate Mr. Davis in return, as they promised.”
After the McCartney and AC/DC shows, the Dodgers signed a deal with Oak View Group in February 2016 to regularly schedule several major concerts a year at Dodger Stadium.
The complaint can be viewed here:


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