Federal Court Favors Golf Simulation Company in Patent Case

Mar 27, 2009

A federal judge in the District of Maine has ruled that Eden Technologies, a Michigan technology company, which produces a product that purports to analyze golf swings called the “Simulator,” has infringed upon the patents of a Maine technology company, Golf Tech, LLC, which offers a similar value proposition.
Specifically, the court granted summary judgment in favor of Golf Tech, the Bethel, Maine makers of P3ProSwing, (www.p3proswing.com) on four out of five allegations of patent infringement, and ruled that all the asserted patent claims were valid.
“Edens cannot meet its burden of proof on its affirmative defense of invalidity, and Golf Tech has shown infringement,” wrote the court.
The P3ProSwing system consists of a high tech sensing platform and software that captures information from 65 optical sensors to create a visual representation of golf data.
The next step in the matter will be a trial to assess damages. The court advised both parties to be ready for trial by May 4, 2009.
Golf Tech was represented by Bob Stier and Sean Sweeney from Pierce Atwood LLP.
Golf Tech, LLC and Sports Vision, LLC, v. Edens Technologies, LLC, DBA Dancingdogg Golf; D. Maine; CIVIL NO. 07-194-P-H; 1/6/09


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